Couples Swept Away

We booked jamaica

Couples Swept Away

We decided to book a hotel and a wedding paket on jamaica with DerTour. The catalogue showed us nearly the same price of about 820 Euro per person for a seven days all inclusive stay there. Investigations in the internet came to good crtics for DerTour regarding the wedding organization. DerTour offers a suiting flight with Condor too. We decided to book the flight for ourselves which saved us abou 100 Euro per person. Meanwhile the price for the flight dropped by another 100 Euros. So with stronger nerves you can save even more money. But who wants to book a hotel that you can’t visit because you ain’t got a flight?

Further investigations in the internet recommened Couples Swept Away as best of the Couples Resorts on jamaica. We liked it best from the pictures too, therefore we booked it.

The Couples Swept Away is a pure couples hotel. No kids allowed. so the kids had to stay at their grandparents home. They weren’t sad about that :) .
Well, we were 5 persons which meant we had to explain why we would bring a single person to a couples resort. For he could taking away someone’s girlfriend/wife or something like that. But DerTour could sort out that issue and our best man could come with us :) .

The resort’s map, the red circles mark the location of our rooms

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